Water Softeners, Treatment & Filtration

Water Treatment, Water Filtration & Water Conditioniing & SoftenersCall Jameson for quality water in your Buffalo, NY area home – sales, repair, installation and replacement for all water filtration, purification and conditioning systems

By treating the water in your home we can make your household cleaner and healthier, your drinks will be more refreshing and your food more delicious. Your plumbing system will work better and fixtures and appliances will last longer. If you have water concerns, Jameson has solutions. From small reverse-osmosis units that filter contaminants out of your tap water to soft water systems that make your whole household cleaner, we’re the area’s experts.

Here are a few indicators of bad water

  • Your water smells odd – chlorine, musty, rotten egg or gasoline odor
  • Water that just doesn’t taste right – metallic, salty, acidy
  • Suspicious appearance – rusty, cloudy, discoloration on porcelain or cookware
  • Blackening and pitting of steel sink
  • Scaling on plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Soap and detergent don’t lather well
  • Dry skin
  • Many toxins and minerals are colorless and tasteless, a water quality test will reveal these

The quality of the water in your home can be improved with water filtration and water conditioning systems

Water filtration: these systems remove contaminants in your home’s water supply. Filtration can be installed either where the water enters your house, or on specific water fixtures like a kitchen sink. Water filters are not water softeners and do not remove or prevent scale build-up on plumbing fixtures. Water filtration makes the water you consume safer, healthier and better tasting.

Water conditioning and softeners: These systems don’t remove impurities, they treat the mineral composition of your water. Minerals in your water build up on your home’s plumbing system and water using appliances, that scaling reduces efficiency and life expectancy. The mineral composition of your water effects how soap lathers and even how the water you bathe in effects your skin.

Learn how water treatment works, watch the video below


We offer FREE in-home water analysis and consultations

The only way to know if your water is safe and meets EPA standards is a thorough analysis. Our trained home water quality experts will come to your home and listen to your needs and concerns. We’ll sample and test your water. We’ll explain our test results and propose options to make your water safe and healthy for your family and plumbing system. And there’s no better time than right now to call us for a prompt, easy, complete analysis.