Pre-Season A/C Checks In Western New York

Air Conditioning Maintenance Cleaning TuneupSo I was speaking with my Heating and Cooling Manager and we got talking about checking our A/C systems and doing what we can to get those systems ready for the warm weather coming to the Buffalo New York area.  During our brief chat it was brought to his attention that one of our customers was using his garden hose to clean out the A/C condensing unit (like the one pictured here) located on the side of his house.  “How do YOU clean a condensing unit,” I asked.  He answered me by taking me to Heating and Cooling School 101.

Cleaning the condensing unit is absolutely crucial. Leaves and debris, Winter homes for mice and anything that blows through your yard over the winter can clog up your unit and make it work harder than it needs to or worse, burn out the motor. But using a garden hose to clean your condensing unit can lead to serious electrical shock or worse. See that fat wire coming out of your house and going into the condensing unit?  That’s a 220 line and I hear that’s a lot of voltage that’s getting wet – and you’re holding the water source in your wet little fingers! Yikes!

Professional Heating and Cooling techs have the right cleaning products and tools and knows how to disconnect the power to the condensing unit. A pre-season check is a fairly simple process that, when completed, could save you lots of disappointment when the hot temps arrive here in Western New York.

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