Do I Need a Whole House Humidifier?

The short answer? Yes! Because the benefits are sweet. Dry air is irritating to your throat and nose, especially during the heating season. With a Whole House Humidifer your air will not feel so dry.  You will likely dust less because the humidity in the air helps keep dust accumulation down.

Better air quality helps your furniture last longer, especially fabric cushions.  Does static electricity bother you in your home? Proper humidity levels can fix that too.

What types of humidifiers are available for me?  There are basically two types of humidifiers: Whole House and Stand Alone or upright style.  The Whole House type requires less day to day maintenance and can serve your whole house instead of just one room or area.  These are the best for delivering consistent levels of humidity to each room in your house.
How do they work?
Whole-House Humidifiers are installed directly to your new or existing central heating and cooling system. Humidity is introduced into your home’s air in the form of water vapor, which prevents minerals from entering the air in your home and potentially into your lungs. Water is supplied to the distribution tray, allowing it to flow evenly across the panel.  The resulting humidified air is then distributed via your heating and cooling system ductwork throughout your home.  Check out the link below for more info and then call the office to meet one of our Service Techs.